Our values

Our values are at the centre of all we do.

It may be cliché, but we live them each and every day.

The patient comes first

Patient-centric outcomes are why MedaData was formed. Everything we do has the patient at the centre. We want to ensure all patients, across all health facilities, are given the best chance to receive accurate, data-driven care.

Compromise is not acceptable

Safety first. Efficacy first.

We have a vision of a future where health is at the forefront of all decisions, and we won't stop until that is realised.


We have a community where open, critical conversations are not just common, they are encouraged. We challenge the status-quo and ask questions. We don't remain idle. We chat. We discuss. We progress. Feedback is our heart, not our demon.


We love what we do. We don't compromise on quality. Nor do we compromise on attitude. We're happy and this breeds collaboration and engagement.